Aug 2, 2016

Max Steel Movie seems to be happening!!

Supposedly, it'll be released in October... Latin American Trailer has been revealed!

Max Steel Trailer from Ledafilms on Vimeo.

Holy Crap! An Actual Trailer!!
I mean, eh... Seems more like a pilot for a Syfy series, more than an actual movie, but then again, Mattel's least amount of effort is showing... On the other hand, it seems more faithful to the source Material (2013 reboot of Max Steel) than Hasbro's Jem and the Holograms... Also... Mattel didn't shelve it after all... holy crap!

Now if we could get He-Man going on... oh wait, now Super7 are the ones in charge of MOTU, so get ready for Mattel to drag their feet along. They will blame Max Steel not becoming a hit, and MOTU fans as the reason why the MOTU movie isn't getting made. The trailer is not HORRIBLE, but it doesn't scream to me GO SEE THIS MOVIE!! It screams to me: WAIT UNTIL IT AIRS ON DISNEY XD or CARTOON NETWORK!! My brain is screaming, TAKE ONE FOR THE TEAM IF IT JUST MEANS THAT MATTEL WILL ACTUALLY DARE TO GET MOTU:THE MOVIE MADE!!

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