Aug 24, 2016

Why are people happy that Mattycollector is going to die?

Well, the decrease in QC, no one at the helm, delays and the Traditional Digital River shenanigans are reason enough... I FINALLY got my July Subscription items... August 24! 1 Month and 4 days after they shipped with the delay that was already in place.

I just hope that Super7 blows Mattycollector out of the water. I mean, QC issues are a Mattel thing. Delays, Awful Website (ordering from it is a herculean task) Overpriced shipping, badly packaged items... Seriously, my box was delivered by Ace Ventura... and it's not the first time it has happened.

I know that on the back of my head there's a tiny Scott Neitlich screaming at me... "Remember when I left and everything went don the crapper... Devil you know and all that!" I just hope that the little devil is wrong. The sad part about all this is that we warned Mattel for years, but they did not listen...
Now we'll have to support Super 7 the best we can just to show Mattel that there is life in He-Man and if they stopped being lazy about bringing the brand mainstream once more.

The sad part in all of this is that Mattycollector was a GREAT IDEA that was executed poorly. Mattel's lack of effort (going with the cheapest vendor incapable of delivering a decent service with a nightmare of a website to navigate through in addition to Mattel's least amount of effort.) The lack of synergy with their products... DC Comics MOTU series had no Mattycollector ads. Killing Thundercats when a Thundercats/MOTU Crossover comic was coming.

While I'm angry about Thundercats and MOTUC ending their run at Mattel... There's a part of me that says: Good Riddance! Don't let the door slap your ass on your way out! /hopefully Super7 will Hook me in with their take on MOTUC... Sadly, we'll have to wait an undisclosed amount of time longer to hear anything...

In the meantime, Customizers and Shapeways Masters are going to have to pull all stops to fill in this void while Matty transitions into Super7.
Eternal Mummy Kits anyone?


  1. The funniest part is, after all this pooch screwing, Mattel had the gall to display those 12 in. She-Ra prototypes at SDCC with a sign telling fans to make noise online if they wanted to see them put into production. That same day they dropped MOTUC and TCC like bad habits, left their customers out in the cold and THEN tried to get the same customers excited for a new 12 in. POP line???!!! Are they really THAT tone deaf?! Unbelievable. At this point everyone should run far away from Mattel and never look back.

    1. That was a massive dick move. Seriously, We're closing shop, oh BTW can you get excited for this overpriced doll line that we may make, but not sure we'll finish?

      After 2016 is done, Mattel has nothing that interests me, seeing that MOTU will be now under Super 7.