Aug 4, 2016

Flinging Popcorn at Suicide Squad

DC's super villain team movie has been released and here are my thoughts:

The Critics are Right... but they are wrong!
The film is a bit messy and it seems that the editing from the rumored change of heart from executives didn't help.
With that said, it's not as Horrible as the critics paint it. Far from it, it's pretty good. I'd suggest that you go see it. You may need to at least read some of the characters wikis if you're completely clueless about the DC Universe. My main complaint about the DC Cinematic Universe is that their foundation is VERY WEAK if you DON'T KNOW the characters.

I have a few issues with the movie...
Let's start with Jared Leto.
I understand he was going for a more Mobster Angle with the Joker. He felt more Black Mask meets Vito Corleone than he felt Joker... He still looks more like Jason Todd as the Joker than the Real Joker. Also, he was nothing more than a Glorified Cameo that overstayed his welcome.

Harley's Skanky outfit... Harley Quinn is more than Eye Candy, she's supposed to be intelligent despite the craziness. Her intelligence BARELY showed in here. (There is one scene where it shows us that Harley has brains, but spoilers) You freaking tease us with the original outfit and it leads nowhere... Yeah, we get it, Margot Robbie is hot... But Juggalette Harley looks more pathetic than Normal Harley... At least the Arkham games tried to keep the traditional theme in a more realistic look.

Will Smith:
Sure, he does a decent job as Floyd Lawton, but it's hard to separate Will from the character. The more serious scenes are more convincing. Whenever there's a humorous scene involving Deadshot, your brain is likely to associate Fresh Prince... (or at least mine did)

There is a reason why I mention Harley and Will Smith is because they get most of the focus on the story. Katana is kinda there. So is Captain Boomerang, Croc is an extended cameo. Diablo gets a bit of time to shine... but the movie is mostly Harley and Will.

The villain's plan was a bit unoriginal: Doomsday Weapon that creates some sort of energy circle atop a building in the city... Only this ragtag group of criminals can stop it, since Earth has no Superman...
Where's Batman? Wonder Woman? Flash? (Who gets a cameo in a flashback, so he IS Doing the Superhero thing.) I understand Aquamomoa not getting involved, but no Flash, Batman, or Wonder Woman?

Other than that, the movie is pretty enjoyable... Now I can't wait for 1 or 3 Batman movies... Did I mention that we NEED more BATFFLECK!?

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