Aug 16, 2016

Pride and Prejudice +Zombies?

Yes, that's right. Jane Austen had her most famous work Zombified and it's really great, in a B-Movie kinda way that linda follows the Classic and Bastardizes it at the same time.

I will not go on a play by play, because I LOATHE Pride and Prejudice. Had to read it gor a Literature Course in College and then I had to reread it for an English class the following semester. Not liking it the first time made it more of a chore the second time.

The one thing the movie has against it is the PG-13 rating. PG-13 and zombies means it's REALLY TAME. This movie is great to see with Jane Austen fans if just to see their reactions to P&P being butchered... Also, Eleventh Doctor qnd Cersei Lannister are in this.
Also, add some alcohol. You will thank me for it.

5.25 out of 10... it's bad, but enjoyable bad, even if it's Pride and Prejudice...

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