Aug 16, 2016

McG talks MOTU... gives me a little hope.

But I'm still a bit worried because McG... Now here's what he said:

We have a big meeting with Sony regarding prep of the movie on Wednesday. And we're in the middle of a bit of a script polish, and it's my absolute passion. I'm laser-focused on that being my next film. 
It's good that he sounds interested and that he's "Laser focused" in this MOTU movie. Hopefully he won't rely on his "Store Brand Michael Bay" mode.

Kellan Lutz hasn't been cast as He-Man yet, but he is a contender.

 I think we want to honor the fan base, first and foremost. We also need to be cognizant of the incredible resonance of what Kevin Feige is doing with Marvel, and the balance of full-bodied entertainment. That it's both credible and emotional, 
Good to know that he wants something good for the fans and that he is looking at What Marvel did to set up the Universe of uh, Masters of the Universe.

 We want it to be clicking on all cylinders in that regard. We're not going to stop until we get it right. Listen, I love that movie with Frank [Langella] and Dolph [Lundgren]. I watch it, and it's a tremendous pleasure for me to watch. I'm raised on the toys, and I'm down at Mattel all the time. We're just really focused on getting it right. I want it to be full-bodied entertainment that respects the fan base, and is more emotional than you might imagine, inventive and original.  
I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm believing in McG being able to pull this off...

Now comes the Scary Part... He references Game of Thrones... That scares me because when one says Game of Thrones people think of...

Thanks for the interruption Mr. Trump! Yes, you are correct. Sex Nudity, which includes tons of cities! instead of a more complex story full of action, adventure, intrigue, betrayal in a fantasy setting.

Also, that whole spending a lot of time at Mattel... I bet someone is jealous as Hell... I'm not going to flat out say any names but it sounds like "Spot Tight Nick"

Adam and Battle Cat are coming... He compares Skeletor to Gruber (Hans or Simon?) and Darth Vader... I hope it's Darth Vader and not Vader the wrestler.

I'm still a bit worried because McG, but at least this sounds much better than the crap that came out of Feig's Mouth when he was talking Ghostbusters before it was even cast...

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