Aug 26, 2016

It Came from the Toy Chest: When they are pretending to be the most helpful...

They drop their PENS on THE THING WHILE I'M TALKING!? Or in this case: It's when Wily Kat and Kit are being sold for Comic Con that Mattel drops the line WHILE I'M SHOPPING!?
After a ton of Matty Collector BS... See my earlier post about my July Sub arriving on the 24th... OF AUGUST!!

So, Who are Wily Kat and Kit?

The annoying Kid Sidekicks of the Thundercats... but a thousand times less annoying than Snarf... The Thunderkittens... Older than Lion-O before his pod malfunctioned, now Younger looking than Lion-O but still older than him... They are "The King Grayskull" to Thundercats Classics... and Dammit, Matty Why did you have to screw things up? Really Killing the line before it started.

So, I must point out that like King Grayskull, the Thunderkitten's Package is a poor man's TC Cat's Lair... Seriously, Mattel's stupidity made us lose a Cat's Lair sculpted by the Four Horsemen. Whoever let Matty die without releasing the CORE Thundercats, CORE Mutants and both forms of Mumm-Ra should be Cassie Caged!

Nefty: You better not be carrying any
pens. Lion-O would kill me if you drop
any while he's talking!
The package is pretty nifty and at the same time a bit of a bittersweet thing. This is one of the few packages I will keep, but dammit, the line being dead before I was able to order the kittens royally sucks ass!

Let's get on with the kittens because I'm starting to get angry at Mattel.

The Kittens Articulation is not the normal MOTUC Articulation... It kinda reminds me of Madame Razz, but on a Thunderkitten body. they needed that Ab Crunch that they lack. No pouncing for this kittens! The legs are slightly hindered by the lower part  of their outfits.

Paint and sculpt:
paint is a bit sloppy on my Wilykat, especially on the hand holding his smoking balls. Kit's pellets are sloppily painted on her belt and she has a small bit of slop on her face. Luckily, no derp eye on them.
The sculpt is great on them... Shame that Matty axed the lines, otherwise Kat's body would've made a perfect Caz.

3 extra hands for Kat, looped version of his whip, loose version of his whip, his hoverboard and stand. 2 extra hands for Kit, Looped version of her lasso, loose version of her lasso, her hoverboard and stand. They can be slightly troublesome to get to stand on their hoverboards, since there is only ONE peg on each board.


You knew this was coming
 The Thunderkittens get a 4.33 as their final score. They feel a bit fragile, so be careful while handling them.

It pisses me off that Mattel killed this line right out of the bat, especially when the kittens are so amazing... Heck! Interchangeable hands, resealable packaging. The cats were
 going  to be treated even better than MOTU, but Mattel had to screw that up. Mom would have enjoyed this pack...

Now here's a pic of a grown up Wily Kit in a slave Leia outfit bathing Mumm-Ra.
This is from a Legit Thundercats comic...

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