Aug 10, 2016

A Gender-swapped Reboot of a Remake!?

Or a dickless sequel to Ocean's Thirteen... Still not sure on the details. Here's the thing: It's NOT that they are women what bugs me. It's the whole Let's Make Ocean's Eleven but with Women! Let's Call it Ocean's Elev... Wait, People hated Ghostbusters... Take off 3 Women and let's call it Ocean's EIGHT!! That way they can't say it's a genderswapped Reboot to Ocean's Eleven... Replace Clooney with uh, Quick! Give me the name of a Female Lead opposite George Clooney that is not Julia Roberts... Got it! Sandra Bullock! Yeah... She'll be Ocean...

Not that Ocean...

Maybe not THAT Ocean either... Let's make it Clooney's Sister!! But yeah, this is the Third take on Ocean's Eleven... This time the gimmick is VAGINA!! That's what bugs me. Women are being reduced to a gimmick. I'd be OK with an all female team of thieves... if it was an Original Movie. This is Spin-Off that is piggybacking on the popularity of Ocean's Eleven (the 2001 Reboot, which is piggybacking on the 1960s Original) Unlike Ghostbusters, this cast seems pretty decent: Sandra Bullock, Anne Hathaway, Cate Blanchett, Helena Boham Carter (whom I dislike, but she's a good actress), and Mindy Kaling. Now the ones I find iffy are: Akwafina, and Rihanna... (Especially Rihanna... Just got Battleship Flashbacks!)
It has the potential to be good, but the problem is that most signs point out to gimmicky sequel-reboot... like Creed is the start of a new franchise, but is still Rocky VII.

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