Aug 10, 2016

So, It seems that Ghost-Bust-hers is failing...

Now Sony seems to be pushing the Cartoon Series Ghostbusters Ecto Force to be their savior. The sequel is not likely to happen... Good, cause the first one was bad... Not the Trainwreck I hoped, but it wasn't good either. I swear, Feig and some members of the cast *cough*McCarthy and Jones*cough* spent more time on insulting the customers than making a good product.

Sony is claiming that Merchandising is how they're recouping their money at best... Which is funny since the new Movie Toys hit CLEARANCE BEFORE THE MOVIE WAS RELEASED... Not to mention that the best sellers have been the items BASED on the 1984 movie... Slimer, Stay Puft, and the OG GB Toys from Mattel have been the best sellers. Meanwhile the new Busters are gathering dust and keeping the pegs warm. Heck even the company who made the recent game went bankrupt after 3 days from the game's release.

It's almost as if the fandom and people in general prefer the 1984 stuff over the 2016 stuff. Had this movie not erased the far superior 1984 movie, maybe it would have been better received, but Pascal and Feig wanted to make this a "political statement" rather than a "good next Generation" for Ghostbusters. The only way to have a "Ghostbusters Cinematic Universe" is going with the "Franchise idea". The OG GB are the GBNY. New teams could open up franchises in other cities, like say GBLA, GBNew Orleans, GB Dildo (just to show that GBs are not only in the US... Canada needs some ghost issues... also, it's an excuse to write dildo. I could have gone with Anus, France too, y'know... Then for the final movie in the series, the new NYGB, with help from the other franchises stop some powerful paranormal entity... This could even pull one or two of the Original GBs out of retirement to aid in this mission. Boom! But Sony went a different way and now are in this pickle...

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