Aug 23, 2016

Should a Batman 89' animated movie be made?

Y'know that Upcoming DC Animated feature with Adam We?
You know, a brand new Adventure for the Caped Crusader...

Well, what if... DC and WB worked on an Animated Sequel to Batman Returns...

and I mean bringing back Keaton for Batman, Pfeiffer for Catwoman, Billy Dee Williams as Harvey Dent.
Yes, I am suggesting we retcon the Schumaccer Batman Forever and Batman and Robin

Hey! At least I'm not suggesting an animated take on Superman Lives! Starring a National Treasure.

Although, making a sort of 90s DCEU with Cage as Superman, Keaton as Batman, Lucy Lawless... (It's the 90s, she's gonna get typecast as WW for Xena) as WW, maybe John Wesley Shipp as Flash (since he's 90s Flash)

But back on topic before we go Justice League 90s... A True Third Burton Batman movie would be super amazeballs. Maybe even plant the seeds for the theoretical Batman Beyond live action movie.

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