Aug 21, 2016

Why are Snakemen the easiest army to pad out?

Think about it. Horde is kinda easy... More Horde Troopers, Palace Guards, well those need new heads seeing that an army of Toygurus can be considered a nightmare in some MOTU circles...
Now, I know what you're going to say:
A clone army of Bert and Ernies would royally suck!

I agree... but we can have multiple different Snakemen made out existing parts. Super 7 could release 1 snakeman set per year and help us pad out the Snakemen and have them look different:

We basically need the following:

the 4 Snakemen Army builder heads
Kobra khan Heads
Rattlor Head
Tunglashor's Tongueless head

Kobra Khan
Normal Torso
Normal Torso with the Draego neck piece.

Snakemen Armors
Rattlor Armor
King Hsss 1.0 non-removable armor

Various finned forearms
Leech forearms
Normal shoulders and biceps
Snakeface shoulders and biceps
Ceratus shoulders
Rattlor arms
Filmation Skeletor hands
Normal evil hands
Draego arms and hands
Nepthu Biceps

Normal legs
Whiplash legs
Rattlor legs and feet
Draego legs
Various shins
Tunglashor feet

Most of them are fair game.

Quick example:
Skeletor buck
Rattlor armor
Draego Neck Piece
Snakeman head
Boom! Instant new Generic Snakeman

I know that two seemingly out of place pieces are the leech forearms and Filmation Skeletor hands. they are meant to go together. Now combine those with the Khan Torso, Rattlor Loincloth Demo-Man shins and Tunglashor Feet and use the Rattlor head in a random color and you have a Snakeman Grappler.

Take the King Hsss armor and paint it purple the Necklace part in bright gold and silver. Add the Draego arms legs and King Hsss 2.0 shins with the Hordak feet and the Marzo Loincloth. Put on a Kobra Khan head and you have a Snake Mage... or Priest of Serpos

Take the Tunglashor head (or if possible a new head that works on the tung torso)
put it on the Tung Torso Give him the Snake Face arms with the Kobra Khan Finned Forearms with Demo-Hands on a Preternia Disguise He-Man Loincloth with Whiplash legs Kobra Khan Shinguards and Tung Feet and you have a Kilt Wearing Snakeman.

There you have it Super7 a quick and easy idea for extra items that need no new sculpted pieces at all.

Palace guards would require new tooling on heads, which are supposedly more expensive.
Horde Troopers, well they are beyond easy, but it's literally the same figure again and again. This is more at home with the "unreleased" wave with Strobo. and other dudes made of pure parts reuse like the Whiplash/trapJaw/Rattlor snakedude

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