Aug 14, 2016

AM2R got a DMCA notification...

This was expected to happen, as Nintendo is overzealous in their protection of their properties. Fan-Made and Non-Canon game Pokémon Uranium was hit with a C&D before I could even download the game. For the First time Ever I can say that Crapcom is not the biggest A-Hole in Japanese videogame companies... Konami and Nintendo are tough competitors. It's a shame, though. AM2R is an amazing game and Nintendo could have found a way to... Crapcom had the perfect Idea when it gave its blessing to MMxSF.

If only the big N had done something like that... Oh well!

Now don't get me wrong, I GET why Nintendo is doing it, but at the same time, there are better ways that don't make the company look like a bunch of A-Holes...
Seriously, Nintendo Let's Play Policy... That is all.

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