Jul 17, 2016

That Thundercats/MOTU Crossover has so much potential for Mattel...

But the question is: WILL MATTEL be able to Capitalize on it? I have two words: Retail Release!
I know what you're thinking:
"The DC 2 Packs became peg-warmers!"
"Matty's JUST releasing the Thundercats classics  on their site, WHY would they release them again!?"

Simple: Crossover Synergy or Cross-Platform promotion or something... Releasing a couple of 2 packs per year to specialty stores: (TRU, Hot Topic, f.y.e., etc.)

Virtually no new pieces needed (some cases might, but it's highly unlikely.)

The two packs could be:
He-Man vs Lion-O:
He-Man would be the Classics He-Man with the Vintage Toy head, standard accessories. With brighter Red undies/boots
Lion-O would be the Classics Lion-O with brighter Orange Flesh, Red Hilt Sword of Omens and Reddish Claw Shield. (Based on the LJN toy)

Panthro vs Man-at-Arms
Man-at-Arms would be the vanilla MAA with a reddish brown mustache but in toy colors
Panthro is the Classics Panthro but with Dark Blue Boots (as the 80s Toy variation)

Beastman vs Jackalman
Classics Beastman with Red Boots (I suggest Whiplash shins with Castle Grayskullman feet)
Jackalman would be the Classics Jackalman in 80s Toy colors. (No lighter color on snout, Beastman Lower Legs, yellow left armband straps, brown right bracer, etc.)

Faker vs Lion-O (Evil Mirror)
A Faker that Mirrors the He-Man This time give him a magenta Skeletor armor and accessories, to mirror the magenta armored faker.
Mirror Lion-O is basically Red Armor for Lion-O and they can have the sword and shield in Orange like the other color variation of the LJN toy.

If they were to release these in q2 in 2017, about the time the comic ends, then they could have SOME other characters to release from the 2017 sub, like Mumm-Ra the Ever Living, Cheetara, or Tygra.

Toss in some Mattycollector info and boom!

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