Jul 21, 2016

Mattel may have lost the Disney Princesses to Hasbro, but they took something FROM Hasbro!!

I'll give you a hint:

Yup! Mattel is now basically THE BIG KAHUNA in the Toy Dinosaur Department. I know they own the rights to Dino Riders. Now they have Jurassic Park/World. Wonder what they'll do with the license now?

I'm guessing doing the same thing as Kenner, erm... Hasbro did and release smaller dinos and figures... Part of me would be interested in... wait for it...
Jurassic Park Movie Masters.
You know you want 6 inch Jurassic Park figures...
 And here's the SDCC Variant
Jim'll paint it!

All jokes aside, we have to wonder WHAT WILL Mattel bring to the game... Will they half-ass it? (I expect this will help them cover the budget for the Dino Riders line further down the timeline)

On an unrelated note: I got the Thunderkittens yesterday. If you're reading this BEFORE 9:00 AM Pacific Standard Time, go get the SDCC Items at Matty if you haven't.

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