Jul 6, 2016

It Came from the Toy Chest: Nu52 has arrived to Eternia!!

Now we have someone WORTHY of being a Force Captain of the Horde that looks Pantscrappingly good! I think I should have said EVIL!! Of course I am talking out of Despara...
I know, I know there haven't been any shipping notifications for Despara and Crita... I just stumbled upon this Despara before her time.
Who is Despara?
NU52 force Captain Adora! Do I need to explain who is Adora?

While the Despara I have may have "fallen off the ship". It apparently passed Mattel's QC, since she came in packaged. This is NOT a fruit of dumpster diving like the King He-Man I got. With that said, this Despara has a few issues:
can't move the peg!!
-Nu-ankle gap syndrome. WHY THE HELL DID THIS HAPPEN!? This is the Teela Boot!
-THIS FIGURE, as in the one I got, has a neck peg problem where she's stuck looking down. Until I get my Official Matty one, I cannot comment if this is a normal issue, or a freak accident.
-BGTeela-esque thighs limit articulation, but her "Skirt" blocks the articulation even more.

Paint and Sculpt:
Here it's mostly a hit, but the miss is on her left hand by reusing the Octavia hands made her grip stupid loose... (paired up with packaging her holding her swords which were a bit too thick on the handle... I can blame the Horsemen for this one. It sucks but it's true! I got to say that I'm loving the Modern Miley Head on Adora... but She Hordak Head looks even better.The Paintwork is super cool, there's a few instances of paint bleed, but with all the "tigerstriping" that Despara has between her arms, legs and armor, a little bit is expected.

way wrong!
This is wrong!!
Two Swords with a slightly too thick grip, Alternate Miley Head... She-Hordak is the head that should be default, period. Her Cape... remember kids, Capes are accessories too! told us... and a Staff made for Male figures... Seriously, Darius, who has the wider grip NA He-Man hands holds that thing super tight! I have to blame the Horsemen for this since it's THE Sculpt that is too thick.

SOTS got Real... Filmation He-Man has no chance against Despara
get the blaster here!
Nu52 Evil Adora gets a 3.5 as her overall score... Now if the One I get from Matty is DIFFERENT ENOUGH from this one, I may change the score accordingly. I'm kinda FRUSTRATED that some basic things like making the staff with the appropriate girth, reusing the appropriate hands, wondering WHY THE WRONG ANKLES were implemented, when we had PROPER ANKLES since 2009 (seeing that she's reusing the Teela Boot) She could've been a contender!

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