Jul 16, 2016

Bum Nepthu... Why not?

We could get a classicized Bum Nepthu... Most of the parts are done... He could easily be a bonus item with a vehicle or something...

I know what you're thinking: Wait... "Didn't you call Nepthu the King of Turds, Nefty?"
And I'd say, yeah! But BECAUSE WE HAVE Egyptian Nicolas Cage is WHY we need Bum Nepthu... Then there's also some ulterior motives. (Slender Male Buck needing a Slender human torso... Fabulous Secret Powers... caught my drift?)

A Combination of Modulok and Lizard Man parts could make him possible. All we'd need is head, Torso, vest and "loincloth". This would also give us Generic Rebels as well... Using some extra heads (from Matty or Third party) and you have an army builder for PoP. Not to mention that the new Torso could lend itself for a 200X Adam...

Shame the SuperKamiToyguru isn't at Mattel anymore... He'd totally would have campaigned for Bum Nepthu to be made... We lost a chance at a real Rebellion Army Builder here... Do you understand WHY I',m sticking to MODULOK and Lizard Man parts? The Modular Aspect, of Course. 1 buck, 4 arms (one with painted sleeves, the other bare arms) 4 Legs (one set with pants, the other set bare.) 2 Vests (one pristine vest preferably similar to that of Dare, one Bum vest) 3 heads (bum Nepthu, 2 Generic Male heads, which could be mix and match from already sculpted heads with random hairpieces if tooling budget was limited.) You could mix and match 18+ combinations out of one of these theoretical Generic Male figure.

There you have it, a way to make Bum Nepthu SOMEWHAT DESIRABLE!

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