Jul 21, 2022

Seems that Snyderverse is dead...

 According to Jim Lee, the Chief Creative Office-Publisher from DC Comics. At SDCC Lee stated that there were no plans for any future projects involving Snyder or his vision. This bit of news came a few days after Rolling Stone magazine published an article stating that over 13% of the Release the Snydercut campaign was comprised of bots... Compared to the usual 3-5% in other campaigns. Then there's the whole allegations of Snyder threatening Geoff Johns. Should I mention the Benito Mussolini quote?

I've already commented on the toxicity from the Snydercult. When you compile all the stuff that keeps appearing, it's obvious that something rotten is going on... also, as expected, Cryborg is already defending his master, Snyder.

The Hashtags, they did nothing because they were accompanied by massive harassment campaigns, especially with Zack Snyder himself manipulating his cult for hype and clicks.

It wasn't WB who killed the Snyderverse, it was Zack Snyder and his toxic fandom...

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