Jul 16, 2022

Top 10 Non-SF2 characters that I'd like to see from Jada Toys

 Since Jada Toys is doing Street Fighter, I want to see the 17 Characters from Super Street Fighter II Turbo. Now, I will do 10 characters that are NOT from SSFIIT... Repaints like Evil Ryu or Shin Akuma will not be on the list. 

I will choose characters from SF1, Alpha series, III, IV, and V... I will not choose VI because the game isn't out yet. The other caveat is that Final Fight characters are prohibited.

The old Assassin from SF1. Give him the required hands and a second SF4 styled head.

My favorite non-Ryu alpha character who is totally a Ryu clone, but female and teenaged... FYI, Cammy is younger than her. I expect to see the same accessories as her Figuarts counterpart, but no extra head. Hopefully the pointing hand is added here.

Charlie Nash:
Here I expect the basics: extra hands, Sonic Boom,  head without glasses.

Would be interesting if this Gill has a shimmering paintjob to simulate his glow.
Extra hands, plug in wings for his resurrection/seraphic wing and if we're lucky a robe for the mark of his deity that shall scar my DNA. (This also opens up the path for Urien and Seth figures with creative part reuse)

If Akuma is a thing, we'll need his brother for balance. I don't think we have gotten a Gouken figure...

Crimson Viper:
The only reason she's here is not Boobs... it's that Decapre is a glorified Cammy repaint. 

Being a Ninja is the reason that she beat Makoto or Elena. I expect a second unmasked head and her tanuki as accessories that aren't hands and Kunai.

The "Ken" to Sagat's "Ryu"... I'd expect an extra SF1 head in addition to his hands.

The elder Matsuda Sibling who is more original than Shotoclone Sean. 
I expect static electricity effects in addition to her extra hands.

His whirlwind effects would be the extra accessory aside his hands.

This covers the top 10 spots with basically 2 per game (2 from SF1, 2 from alpha series, 2 from 3 series, 2 from 4 series and 2 from 5). Gloridied repaints and Shotoclones that can be built from 90% of Ryu's body were excluded. (I really want Dan and Sean over some of the choices I made) also, the list isn't as female heavy as I would like... or Final Fight heavy.
Cody, Guy, Rolento, Sodom, Hugo, Poison, Abigail, Maki, Lucia... that's literally 9 out of 10, which is why I had to "ban them". Also, I realized that most of the SF4 Characters kinda suck.

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