Jul 7, 2022

Haley Joel Osment! It's time to D-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-duel!

 Haley Joel Osment: Draw! I activate Pot of Greed! It lets me draw two cards from my deck! I set two cards face down and end my turn

Nefty: Draw! You're pretty good, Osment! But you cannot win without the...

Haley Joel Osment: The Power of Friendship? Bitch, I'm Sora! I ooze the power of friendship! You are just a weird creepy guy who watched too much Hannah Montana...

Nefty: Your sister is still the better Osment! 

Haley Joel Osment: Gaaaah! You take that back you perverted freak!

Nefty: I summon Goblin Attack Force in attack mode, set 2 cards face down and end my turn!

OK this Long-winded intro is taking far too long... Basically Takahashi Kazuki, creator of Yu-Gi-Oh! Was seen by Haley Joel Osment and his Necrosight. Apparently he died in a veach near Okinawa. His body was found in the water with Snorkeling equipment. As always, my condolences to friends and family.

Farewell Takahashi-san...

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