Jul 10, 2022

Mattel is screwing over JP collectors again...

 Remember how they canned the Amber Collection when we were only missing Donald Gennaro, Henry Wu, Alex and Tim Murphy to complete the main characters from the first movie? Well it's salting wounds time!

Mattel is dropping a T-Rex and Gennaro 2 pack with outhouse and everything on the Mattel Creations site, which is a worse shopping experience than Mattycollector circa 2009. To make matters worse, it's an exclusive for SDCC.
While there's no official info, I'm guessing it's going to be for the lame 3¾inch line instead of completing the Amber Collection. Also, it's going to be expensive AF... why do I say this?
The MEGAbloks Snake Mountain is $321... Can't do it, Ma... I already lost you to Super7's can't unwillingly trade my bro for this one. 
Dark humor aside the JP set is most likely to be a $100+ item... whoch i could understand if it was on the 1/12 scale, but at 1/18... screw that noise!

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