Jul 9, 2022

Better Lazy redecos than GITD Turtles

 I already mentioned that the GITD redecos with less accessories of the TMNT were lazy and almost not worth your while. If they wanted to have a "filler redeco wave" they had a couple of options:

Shredder Clone: (GITD)
Using the Homunculus worm colony clone angle in the bio, this redeco of Shredder could be justified. Instead of being an entire GITD figure, it looks like a normal Shredder figure, with a slightly grayish skintone in comparison to the vanilla release. The torso and legs are in dark blue Plastic and the straps on his arms and legs are grey. The helmet and bladed elements are in GITD White Plastic (Including his mouthpiece.) The face would be painted in the grayish skintone but the eyes would have no pupils. (To simulate white out nunhuman eyes with GITD elements) if possible a shimmering blue cape similar to force ghost Kenobi from Star Wars. For accessories, Extra hands, GITD white Swords.

Casey Jones: (Repaint)
Same Casey as wave 4 Casey with a tiny modification: swappable heads... no there won't be new sculpts. Just 2 versions of Casey's normal head. One normal, the other cast in GITD white with the skin and hair painted on.
Red Hoodie, Dark Blue pants, GITD White shoes. Should come with his extra hands. His other accessories should be cast in TMNT weapon brown in order to have a brown bag.

April: (Repaint)
Blue Outfit with dark boots to have a "Mirage Inspired" April. Eliminate all the reporter accessories and add 2 Mousers in their place. 

Foot Soldier: (Repaint)
I know that a GITD Redeco of the FOOT SOLDIER was made recently. But this redeco is not a GITD lazy redeco. It's a lazy Mirage inspired Redeco. Gray mask, red shirt, gray pants, brown straps and armguards brown neck, and the bottom part of the mask that hangs over the torso in red to match the shirt.
Instead of the Foot Soldier weapons, give him the ones from Shredder's rack. Alternatively, toon colors could be used.

Splinter: (repaint)
Splinter in a more "Cartoon-like" color scheme with only the new cane from his previous accessories. Extra pair of green GITD hands, GITD Ooze canister and 4 GITD unmutated Turtles. New Cloth Kimono with sleeves.
I know it's kinda cheating with the new kimono, but it's to make him somewhat desirable. (And it's a cloth item, not a plastic part)

Metalhead: (GITD)
Metalhead but with GITD Plastics.
The greys would be GITD Blue, the torso would be GITD Yellow,  and the weapons would be GITD Green. There are paints that glow yellow use those and green GITD for the rest of his body parts. No light piping head for obvious reasons. While this is a kinda lazy GITD redeco that I would normally criticize, by putting wnough care to match the palette of the original release as much as the GITD Plastics allow is far more interesting than an electric blue Metalhead.

Slash: (Repaint)
Archie Colors repaint of Slash is the most obvious solution. Another alternative would be a lazy GITD version like the turtles that I am criticizing. A cartoon repaint is out of the picture, since it's a lamer version of the Archie repaint.

Bebop: (Repaint)
Take the Headspinnin' Bebop palette and add it to Bebop. Toss in his weapons in blue GITD. If possible add a Triceraton Blaster.

Rocksteady: (Repaint)
Toon based Repaint of Rocksteady
Perhaps giving him GITD Weapons could be an alternative.

I want to make more but the problem is that there aren't that many releases that could warrant a redeco. Skipping the obvious Mirage Redeco for the Turtles and GITD Muckman.

It's not like I could suggest a crossover with Stranger Things.
Playmates is doing one available only on Target... damn it!

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