Jul 23, 2022

NECA is looking into making a MODULAR TMNT SEWER DIORAMA

 While I may not be able to get it (costs + release timing) I'm excited about this. I want to get it, but if it's on a limited window and put on sale while I'm sleeping (graveyard shift can really screw up the circadian cycle) it's unlikely that I'd get the parts...  So far it seems that the Lair will be composed out of 3 parts: 
Donatello's Lab, Living room, and Kitchen.

If I get it, I can use it on my MIRAGE/Fred Wolf Studios hybrid universe display... I will also use them as inspiration for my Neftyverse Diorama... Even if I'm unable to get them, internet photos from reviews would let me collect enough info to build one NEFTYVERSE DIORAMA from scratch... but ignoring my desire for making my own diorama, you have to admit that these make for a great TMNT Display.

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