Jul 14, 2022

Mattel has a nifty MOTU SDCC Exclusive

 Sadly, the Mattel Creations website is worse than Mattycollector on 2009. So I can justify skipping it... not because the set is "bad"... but the hassle is not worth it.

It's the 40th He-Man with a Matching Skeletor. There's a Diecast Grayskull Ring, which is pretty cool. The weapons are diecast, which is pretty meh... the good totally outweighs the bad... I'm gonna say that Mattel.might put it on the $70-80 price range because of the diecast and fancy box... but, there is ONE THING that pisses me off.

Notice something? This photo is celebrating He-Man and Skeletor's 40 years as toys by having EVERY MATTEL-MADE vanilla version of He-Man and Skeletor... with one glaring exception...
I'll give you a hint: it was this blog' bread and butter. Yup, Masters of the Universe Classics is surprisingly absent... or unsurprisingly absent because despite their inferior articulation, they make these Masterverse figures look bad. I understand and agree with Mattel's "Fuck Scott Neitlich" attitude, but ignoring MOTUC because it would be giving credit to the Mighty Sphincter is extremely petty... I mean I could understand if the owner of a tiny blog with barely 20 readers was this petty, but this is freaking Mattel...

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