Jul 26, 2022

Making a Case for the 30th Anniversary figures in New Eternia

 While I may think that Spector's creator is a massive douche... ohai Scott! Not sorry about calling you a douche. Spector, Sir-Loser-Lot, Draego-Man, Cy-Chop, Fearless Photog, and Castle Grayskullman are all Part of MOTU Lore now. And let's face it, some of those entries could use some "redesigning" to make them pop...

For example:
New torso based on He-Ro with the Gem of Talmadge. Using the Battle Armor He-Man Left Pauldron, bracer (that can plug in the new SLL Shield) a new right bracer that mimics the left one, the BAHM tasset and GP He-Man boots with MEF crotch would give us a "New SLL" that can be turned into a close to classic version.

Spector would need new head, left bracer, webgear (the belts) just to make a "vanilla spector". To give him the "New Eternia" treatment, perso ally, I'd add a ragged cloak with hood to make him more Specter-like. Maybe adding some barbarian styled removable armor bits for him to disguise himself better in the past.

Something similar could be done to Cy-Chop, Castle Grayskullman, and Photog. Draego-Man can be released as is and he'd be perfect... although some closed wings like the ones from Disney's Gargoyles could be a nice addition for the Draego-Man figure. 

The reason I'm tossing them in New Eternia is because there's not a "vanilla MOTU" line in Masterverse... the divisions are:
-Kevin Smith bastardization of He-Man
-Princess of Power
-New Eternia
-MOTU morphin He-Rangers from netflix

Since none of them have appeared on She-Ra or the Netflix shows, the only spot left is New Eternia. 

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