Jun 30, 2022

Capcom fighting collection first thoughts:

 My physical copy arrived yesterday and I dabbled a bit with the game:

Puzzle Fighter is a puzzle game and man, do I suck at it!

Pocket Fighter is a bit awkward, but fun game to play.

Hyper SFII fuck this game with a rusty spork, thank goodness I still have SF30th collection... seriously, I got raped on easy by fucking Dee Jay...

Cyberbots: kinda odd game... not sure if I like it.

Red Earth/Warzard: odd game, kinda like it and that Leo, if I was still in the Sprite Editing game, would've been an amazing base for a Capcom Styled He-Man.

It's an OK collection, I'm not so sure about the pricepoint, but it could be worse... Let's face it, I didn't buy the game for these, which are dragging my enjoyment a little bit down...

The real reason is that this was rhe only way to have a "Darkstalkers collection" and I've no complaints on this half of the collection.
Now if Capcom could release a Marvel or a JoJo collection, that would be sweet... I know licensing issues are keeping the dream from becoming a reality.

Now gimme Darkstalkers 4!!

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