Jun 2, 2022

Street Fighter 6: Um, Capcom?

 What in the name of Tekken is this?

Yes, I saw Oroyu and Obachun Li, but the game didn't feel like Street Fighter. It has an Urban Western Vibe combined with Tekken flair. Honestly, I'm not liking it. It features Luke, the final DLC dude from SFV and we finally get a Drunken fighter. Also, there is a Kimberly coming...

Aside the normal Fighting game there's a mode where you control "your avatar" and they show a person wearing a hoodie and training pants, but you're unable to see their face. My question is: Do we FINALLY get a Create a Fighter, or are we using a "blank slate type" character as our avatar? Since the "World Tour" Mode seems to be in Metro City and there'splenty of Mad Gear presence i the trailer, I kinda hope a Final Fight style mode is available. 

I'll wait until more info is available, but at the moment I'm more interested in RE4remake even if I don't have a PS5.

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