Jun 26, 2022

The lack of "China Wars" figures from Super7 makes customizing harder

 Everyone and their mom would be after "China Wars" Foot Soldiers, Mousers, and other figures... on the Thundercats area maybe a couple of Monkians and Jackalmen to Army Build... Unlike MOTUC, where "China wars" figures were abundant (a lot of Custom Fodder was readily available on the Bay.) I've had to buy all my Foot Soldiers at retail price! Which means that my Foot Ninja army is rather sad... 
If either Super7 found a way to release "cheaper Army Building versions" of the Foot Soldier, or some "China Wars" version appeared, I could make a respectable Foot Ninja Army. Hell, there are very few Custom Figures based on the Super7 Ultimates lines that aren't repaints... 

Because these figures are not readily available, there is an obvious lack of customs, especially from beginners... who's crazy enough to butcher $55+ figures? There are some folks who do, but the "fodder parts" are very few and not what I'm looking for at the moment... (Mainly April, Casey, Foot Soldier, and Shredder)

I know it sounds like "I'm condoning piracy", but the "so-called piracy" was what allowed MOTUC to be a powerhouse in the customizing community, despite having inferior articulation to lines like NECA's or Marvel Legends. While the official means to get MOTUC could be annoying at times, most of the times, figures were readily available (reissues, BF sales, etc.). The "China Wars" figures usually complemented the official sales. Sometimes they were an alternative to obtain Subscription Exclusive figures (I think my King He-Man might be a "China Wars" figure.) A couple of TRU Zodac figures that I got after Neitlich accused me of Killing MOTUC were China Wars figures. One of the few Mo-Larrs that were turned into a Nefty-kun was a "China Wars" Mo-Larr. What I'm trying to say is: getting the toys through the official ways should be the main option, but when dealing with Custom Fodder, sometimes the official ways aren't enough. 

Hell, even people who do third party cast reproductions aren't touching the Super7 stuff!!
Not even the TMNT Weapons, which could've been beneficial for Ninjor, Jitsu, or Slamurai. Due to the "Boutique prices" and "artificial rarity" that these figures have, but QC issues are forcing customers to customize their expensive figures... (Operation Panthro Unserpants comes to mind or people having to fabricate an elbowpad for Tygra,  because s7 is all: "Screw you, it's not our fault!") DESPITE all signs pointing out to "Don't do this, if you screw up,  your wallet will hate you!" Kind of thing. 

Teaser Work in Progress...

But I am still going to try a few things IF they make Vernon, Burne, and April Variants (preferably the Ravishing Reporter April) because, I've already mentioned my desire to "expand" the Universe by injecting Custom characters... I've done it with MOTUC and I would do it with TMNTU and TCU if the budget allowed it. (Would be easier to get fodder figures if "China Wars" figures were plentiful.) 

So what's with the silhouette? Well, a miracle happened and I found a "China Wars" TMNTU figure well under retail price. No Accessories (like weapons, hands, etc.) just the body. So, with a Third Party Cast of Mo-Larr's head and some sculpted parts, a New Nefty-kun is born. 
I originally got that "China Wars" Casey as an experimental figure, since it was way under retail price and I wanted to see if I could safely remove his head. Easier to justify breaking a $15 "China Wars" figure than a $55+ officially acquired figure.

I know I'm rambling and my posture sounds a bit ambiguous, BUT that's because I'm not looking at things in black and white. In a way, Super7 is snuffing the potential out of these lines. I mean, I could have an idea for a Custom on June 26th, 2022 and order the figure from Super7... by the time the figure arrives sometime in late 2023 or early 2024, I completely forgot what I was going to do and havea $55+ deadweight. With a "China Wars" figure all I have to wait is roughly a month and I might still have the custom idea fresh in my head. On a whole different point of view, it's surprising to see that "pirate leaks" are minimal in comparison with Mattel. But personally, thwy should be more worried about QC and timely deliveries than stopping potential leaks.

In any case, Super7 should seriously consider a way to deliver more Foot Soldiers at a more accessible price... (this would also apply for Putty Patrollers and Cobra grunts for MMPR and GI Joe fans)

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