Jun 19, 2022

Shredder's Revenge could be a blessing for Super7

 I know that I'm relying on TMNT when I get writer's block,  but After playing Shredder's Revenge, I thought: There's a lot of toyetic potential on this game.

-A More Pizza Looking Pizza Monster (it's different enough from NECA's)
-The Large Mousers (which also serve as a nod to the oversized vintage Wacky Action Mouser) that could come with 2 extra Mousers...
-The Mouser handed robot would be another nice addition.
- A multipack of Roadkill Rodneys and the other robots that could be unarticulated figurines. (The TCRI security robots, walker types and flyers... can't recall their names now)
-A Shredder Revenge Themed accessory pack would be nice.
Rocksteady and Bebop's new weapons, the gun for Baxter, the multiple weapons for the different colored foot soldiers (tonfa, bow and arrow, bombs, plunger crossbow, katana, kunai, naginata, etc.), a sushi box, a couple of rats and a sleeved kimono for Splinter...

I know I keep going on and on about this game being so good, but it IS for an old school gamer like me. It hits the Nostalgia notes just right, but it adds a new twist...

I'm afraid of thinking Super7's pricepoint for a Knucklehead... (or the Footcruiser)

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