Jun 1, 2022

We need a Capcom Marvel vs. Collection

 With the upcoming Capcom Fighting Collection with 10 2D Capcom fighting games, the next logical step would be to work with Marvel to release an Anthology of the Marvel games by Capcom... kinda like Nickelodeon did with Konami for TMNT.

This collection should include all 2D Marvel Games from Capcom and if we're lucky, UMVC3.
That means:
X-Men: Children of the Atom:

Marvel Superheroes:

X-Men vs. Street Fighter:

Marvel vs. Capcom:

Marvel vs Capcom 2:

That's 5 kickass arcade fighters... 6 if UMVC3 can be squeezed in... BUT what if we include the NON-FIGHTING Marvel games made by Capcom?
X-Men Mutant Apocalypse
Marvel superheroes War for the Gems
The Punisher 

Even if UMVC3 doesn't make it to the list, the 2 SNES games and the Punisher Arcade Beat-em Up make this Anthology pretty reasonable. This could also pave the way for Capcom and Marvel to have a chat about a real Marvel vs. Capcom 4. Yes I am ignoring infinite as the fourth entry for a very obvious reason. We NEED the number 4 since it could be a FANTASTIC thing... yes, I'm talking about introducing the Fantastic Four to MVC. Also, bringing the "new generation of heroes" X-23 is now Wolverine (Logan being an unlockable) Miles Morales is Spider-Man, while Kaine, and Peter are Unlockables) Riri is Ironheart and Tony is an unlockable. Amadeus Cho is the Totally Awesome Hulk, while Banner is an unlockable. From the Capcom side Protoman is playable with Mega Man and X being the unlockables. Leon and Claire represent RE with Chris, Jill, and Wesker as unlockables. Apollo is the AA character with Phoenix being the unlockable. Sakura and Sean represent Street Fighter with Ken and Ryu being unlockable. While I'm putting characters that are "similar" to classic characters, that doesn't mean that all newcomers have to be "clones" of existing characters. 
For example Doctor Octopus would be a new character, a bit of a pain in the ass to fight due to his long range and small hitbox, but he should have weaker defense.
For his Lv.3 Super "Revenge of the Sinister 6" you get cameos of the Sinister 6 in a very "cinematic (thanks Mysterio) attack. 
On the Capcom side let's say Rashid, well, like in MVC fashion, his attacks get a ridiculous visual boost.

Of course this would be exclusive to the PS5/SeriesX generation, because eventually, the XBOne and PS4 generation has to be left behind, and a New True Blue MVC would be the perfect celebratory tool for Capcom to use as a way to nudge fans into getting the newer consoles.

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