Jun 13, 2022

Shredder's Revenge Preorders are live

 Limited Run Games is handling the preorders for the physical game ports of Shredder's Revenge and the window is open until July 24th.  There are different versions like just the game or premium boxsets. I probably might jist go for the normal PS4 version. I don't know WHEN the Physical version will be arriving, but I already preordered the Digital version for the Switch. The game is $24.99 and there was a 10% discount... SAVINGS!! But I had some Gold coins from a previous purchase, which lowered the price to $21.93!!! So I will be able to play the game in 2 days... Graveyard Shifter here, so that means sleeping in the mornings, waking on the evenings... by my lunchtime I should be able to download the game and enjoy enough of it for me to prepare a review.

And yes, the digital game will be the deciding factor of whether or not I'll get a physical copy for the PS4. (No point getting it on Switch.)

Michelangelo got the short end of the stick in the UK intro.

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