Jun 10, 2022

I wonder if Playmates is blocking Super7 from making a faux vintage line for TMNT

 Remember Super7's Faux Vintage MOTU with the Filmation waves and Powerd of Grayskull waves? I've been wondering why Super7 hasn't done that with TMNT. There are plenty of sources they could use:
Mirage, Archie, 80s toon, or even more modern stuff tweaked to fit the vintage look.

Imagine a vintage styled Renet, Savanti Romero, Mirage Baxter Stockman (human or Cyborg), the Shredder Clones, Karai, Lotus Blossom, Lord Dregg, Carter, the Krangazoids, Attila, Rasputin, and Armaggon, to name a few characters that we never got in the Vintage line. Since Playmates is only doing reissues of SOME vintage figures, these Theoretical "new figures" could complement Playmates's efforts AND the vintage collections that some fans still own 30-ish years later. Perhaps, both Super7 and Playmates could join forces for this project. 

Alright, Nefty, you DON'T BUY FAUX VINTAGE Figures, what's your angle?

Why would I have an angle?

Backdoor access to incorporate non-vintage figures into the Ultimates, perhaps?

Guerrilla Gorilla proves they don't need any backdoor shenanigans. IF I HAD A "SINISTER MOTIVE" it would be for Playmates to put in some effort and resurrect the original TMNT line and go beyond it. Maybe go the MOTUO road with TMNT and give us improved articulation with retro play. Maybe adding interchangeable heads for some characters (Shredder and Casey come to mind.) 

Mattel is doing their thing with MOTU and WWE,A McFarlane is doing his thing with DC, Hasbro is doing their thing with GI Joe, Marvel, Power Rangers, and Star Wars, Playmates needs to get off their ass and do TMNT Stuff other than the weird vs lines... for being the company with the "Master License" for TMNT, they're swuandering it.

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