Jun 3, 2022

Snyderverse: The Denial is strong.

 With David Zaslav being the new head of WB after the Discovery merger, once again, the Hack Snydurr fans have come with their bullying campaign once again. From defending Amber Turd and Ezra Miller to wanting Zaslav to cancel all non-Snyder projects, because he's been canceling stuff left and right. Even The Wonder Twins weren't spared by Zaslav.

Let's ignore my dislike of Zack's "direction" for a moment. 
Man of Steel barely made profits. The biggest issue it had was dividing the audience. 
Batman v. Superman made a profit, but underperformed. It didn't reach the expected numbers and it's a divisive film. Some of you might try to look in past post and say that I gave it an 8 out of 10, ignoring that I said that you needed to turn off your brain to enjoy it, that it doesn't make sense to Kill Superman when he hasn't even truly begun to be Superman. Further viewings of the movie made me dislike it even more, because how dirty Zack Snyder did the characters.

Then we have the whole Zack Snyder's Justice League abridged by Joss Whedon following demands by WB, and Zack Snyder's Justice League, I swear I'm not making this up as I go, but I need more money to add some new stuff that wasn't there because I think it will be cool...

Snyderites blame Joss Whedon and WB, despite 85-90% of "Josstice League" being IN the Snydercut... that it didn't exist until the bosses gave the OK to have ZSJL on HBO Max as a feature. The Snydercut was made by Snyder filming stuff that he already knew wouldn't make it past the cutting floor since WB wanted a 2 hour movie. This balloooned the JL budget, something that Mr. ZASLAV won't allow. 

Zaslav is trying to ensure his company's movies STAY WITHIN a budget, something that Zack Snyder can't really do. If Zaslav can get pissed at WB for allowing Clint Eastwood to piss away 33 Million for Cry Macho. Or get antsy about JJ Abrams having tons of projects but not delivering. If Zaslav is trying to trim $3 Billion of fat on the WB, hiring the guy who goes overbudget on divise films like a Michael Bay copy but with delusions of grandeur, is not a smart business decision. You can like the Snyder movies, but the numbers don't lie.

When DC's "Holy Trinity" gets less money than a Marvel D-Lister played by the Unlikable Brie Larson, something is wrong on the DC aisle.

If Zaslav had been around the time of BVS, the Snyderverse would've been scrapped while Autumn Snyder was alive. No, I'm not making fun of her untimely death. I'm just pointing out how swift his removal from the DCEU would've been had Zaslav been in charge back then.

Zaslav is not the "Hero that the Snyderites want", he's their worst nightmare. If you want more Zack Snyder and Superhero movies, he should contact the guys at Image... maybe a tag team of Snyder as the Director with Todd McFarlane as the Image Comics version of Kevin Feige and maybe we could have a Decent Spawn movie by 2027. 

Personally, I'd finish finish the current ptojects, end with a Crisis movie as a send off to the DCEU actors, some of the Pre-DCEU actors, CW actors, and start a new DC Conematic Universe from scratch... and maybe launch an ELSEWORLDS branding for other unaffiliated DC projects. That way you can have both intertwoned story driven movies AND self-standing "experimental experiences" like Joker... but under Zaslav, the best we're going to get are "low budget" Superhero movies. Grounded types like Batman, Wildcat, Green Arrow might throve over big budget spectacle movies like Aquaman, Wonder Woman, or even Superman himself.

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