Jun 6, 2022

Sf6: a rant or 6 Super turbo plus alpha upper champion edition...

 Ken's backstory was leaked. Apparently Eliza left Ken and took Mel with her, now Ken is a wandering Hobo like Ryu. Now the Matsuda Siblings are trying to help Ken, by making him snap out if this bullshit and recover his family... What the Hell, Capcom!? That's messed up!

Apparently the game is after SF3, which brings the question: Street Fighter TIMELINE, how does it work: 

Cammy is YOUNGER than Sakura. Ibuki and Makoto are Younger than Sakura... Hell, I'M YOUNGER THAN SAKURA!! I guess we need to talk about the timeline... I'm aware that Capcom has subtly retconned birthdates to have a sliding timeline, but we do have actual dates:

SF1 was in 1987, Final Fight 1 was in 1989, Alpha 3 was after Final Fight, but Before SF2 in 1991, since Gorbachev was President until 1991.

So we can deduce that Alpha 3 is in 1990. Cammy is 2 years younger than Sakura, so that makes Sakura 18 by the time of Alpha 3, meaning that Sakura was born in 1972. Chun Li was born in 1968... (she's 54 in 2022...)

Unofficial Timeline:
SF1 was in 1987
SFA2 was in 1989
Final Fight 1 was in 1989 as well
SFA3 was in 1990

Apparently Alpha 1 was mostly retconned by 2 and 3. Something similar happens with the various versions of SF2. Some versions of the timeline push SF2 to 1993... These use the home console versions fpr theirnargument

So, somewhere between 1991-1993, is the SF2 series of events. With Cammy being somewhere between 17-19. 

Back to the timeline:

SF1 was in 1987
SFA2 was in 1989
Final Fight 1 was in 1989 as well
SFA3 was in 1990
SF2 was between 1991-1993. Personally, I'm a 1991 guy.
Now SF4 happens in 1994. That means Sakura is 22 years old and is running around dressed like a Schoolgirl. Ibuki is 14 (apparently she was born in December 1980.)
Street Fighter 5 is in 1997
SF3 is supposed to be in 1997 but I think it was retconned as well. This would explain Ibuki being 16.
SF3 Second Impact is in 1998
SF3 Third Strike is in 1999
SF6 is possibly somewhere in the mid 00s. Based on Li Fen being a teen instead of a child as she was in SFV. Sakura would be over 30. Chun Li would be close to the mid 30s. Ryu and Ken would be either 40 or very close to 40. 

Aside Final Fight 1, it's kinda hard to put the rest of the Final Fight games in the Timeline...
Final Fight 2 could be in 1993-ish. Since Haggar was born in 1943 and FF2 happens when he is 50. Haggar's Wrestling career must end before 1989 so he can become Mayor. Final Fight 3 should happen between 1994-1996, so Lucia can be in SFV AFTER FF3. Shit, where does this put Rival Schools?

Seriously, Capcom, give us an official timeline including Saturday Night Slam Masters, Rival Schools, and Final Fight on them so we can have a canonical timeline. You can omit the dates with the latest game being "in the present" with past games being "insert number here" years ago. 

Now that I mention Past Street fighter-adjacent games, we need to see some older folks back as playable Characters:
Retsu, Geki II (since the original was Assassinated), Mike, Joe, Eagle, and Lee to round up SF1

Haggar, Dean, Carlos, and maybe other Mad Gear folks (El Gado, Axl, Two P, Bred, Big Bull, Damnd, and Edi E) to round up Final Fight.
Seriously, how can they have a game with Lots of Metro City and ZERO Final Fight Playable Characters!?

Scott and Max to round up Street Fighter 2

The idea is to reward long-time fans of Street Fighter with playable versions of characters that were unplayable in the past or at least on canonical games (Final Fight Revenge or MVC3 don't count) they are new characters from a playability sense but their old characters at the same time. There's plenty of characters there for a few season passes. Add some 100% new folks and Capcom could get some solid DLCs right there.

Maybe some of these older folks (or folks from 3, 4, and 5 that haven't returned) could have some connections to these new folks... except Necalli. Fuck that garbage and toss it with El Mierda Fuerte.

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