Jun 15, 2022

Random thoughts on a TMNT display...

 Since I'm collecting 3 different TMNT Lines, I'm going to have to build or buy a display set for them. The reason I put the Buy option is because there's a slight possibility of a Sewer Playset, or a Technodrome being made... keeping an open mind. But realistically speaking building a bookshelf styled display with different "levels" would be Optimal for Displays. Will I add a lower level "cabinet" to keep extra accessories? Will it have wheels so it can be moved around if needed? How many levels will the bookshelf part have? I know that 3 is the minimum: (street, sewer, Technodrome) Will I just use flat BG pieces, or will I incorporate 3d elements? Do I make it TMNT Specific or make it modular to switch it with say, Sailor Moon, or Marvel, or Silverhawks whenever I grow tired of looking at TMNT?

Dimensions are another thing I need to look at. The size of the display will alter the thickness of the support areas, which also will depend on the cost of raw materials. I know MDF and wood are cheaper than ABS and PVC, but I want to make it non-wooden. If I was doing a say, Mortal Kombat display, I could see woodworking fitting better. But back to TMNT, the reason for dimensions stem mainly from the Slambulance turned into a Shellbulance. I need a big space to display that puppy. 

The last big defining Factor would be roster. If we get Burne, Vernon, and Irma, I might be "forced" to get another 1:12 vehicle to make a Channel 6 Van. I'm even considering a second Slammobile to customize and make it April's car. Maybe even use the Slamcycle with Casey.

Things like Electronics might be out of my reach for now, but since I was able to clean my PS4 with YouTube tutorials, maybe I could do the same with dioramas?

There's even a thing called EL wires that can make faux neon signs for dioramas. I know that permanent markers on a clear plastic surface can mame faux Grease Pencil signage. There are plenty of tutorials to make decals, signs (if you don't want to buy premade ones) hell premade brick walls exist.

All I know is that the Street level might be the most complicated one, especially if I want some Rooftop action... and potential alleyway. The inspiration for the street level section comes from this Diorama

Obviously it would be more TMNT-ish. One of the stores could be Second Time Around Antiques. Further down the street a location for Antonio's Ninja Pizza could be a nod to Pizzaface and multiple TMNT continuities. The rest of the buildings are just normal buildings.

Some WILL have nods to various continuities. Whether it's from graffiti, signs, or references to the movies...

The main problem I have right now is that I KINDA want semi functional interiors. I might copy the removable front plates to put figures/props inside. Like having Pizzaface inside Ninja Pizza, or April on the Apartment above Second Time Around Antiques, or have Scratch hiding from the Po-Po on another apartment... NO! I wasn't planning on making a Rescuers reference!! 

For the Sewer level, I wouldn't want the whole thing to be the lair. Mostly because for this and the Technodrome level I might have to use "support walls" or load bearing walls to keep the shelf aspect properly working. That would require "unsightly wall dividing the display".

Gwarsh! This dude made an awesome diorama based on Turtles in Time... combining this with

The Portal Room from the Arcade Game. Of course, I just need to complete some greater responsibilities and improve my time management to pull this off.

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