Jun 16, 2022

Why is the media hellbent on defending Amber Heard?

 It's been weeks since the jury on the infamous Depp v. Heard case deemed Miss Heard guilty of defamation. Despite evidence against Depp being proven false, lies straight from Amber Heard's mouth beinfg debunked, certain medoa outlets are hellbent on claiming Heard's innocence and that the jury was "swayed by Depp's fame" or that "Depp paid the 'experts' and brought some 'randos' to testify in his favor".

I mean her team brought in the crazy doctor who diagnosed Depp by watching Captain Jack Sparrow.

Wait... wait... wait... Did she really say that!? Roll the Iñigo Montoya clip!

But using her logic, her sister Whitney should stop Amber from swimming back to Atlantis.

Theoretically speaking, by claiming that Depp lied and that he hired people to testify on his behalf, she could be setting herself up for another defamation suit.

So much for wanting to move on...

She can't let go.  That will be her downfall. When Johnny Depp was considering waiving the money she's supposed to pay Depp, she does this... DUDE, YOUR NET WORTH IS ON THE NEGATIVE NUMBERS!! Ever listened to the song The Gambler?

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