Jun 27, 2022

Square Enix missed the point of Final Fantasy VII remake

 Normally when the word Remake is used on videogame it means making an older game using a newer engine for newer consoles. For example, GTA Trilogy: the Definitive Edition is technically a remake, since the previous games had to be rebuilt using a new game engine with newer textures, models and physics that try to mimic the original games. At the same time feels like a sort of remaster, because it basically was a remaster that had to be built in a new engine. 

Having a Final Fantasy VII "souped up remaster" would've been the "laziest yet most effective" solution. Basically new FMVs, updated graphics to all character models to make it look at least to Tail end PS2 levels, an arranged soundtrack. Maybe voices in some cutscenes...

Going for a full remake with a new system, instead of being full turn-based it would've been more action RPG... like Crisis Core or Kingdom Hearts, it excited people because they expected: Same story, retold in a more action RPG type of game with some tweaks to fit in that style. Biggest casualty would be the world map, but that was already dead ever since the PS2 era. Sadly, Square Enix took the term Remake and went Full Kingdom Hearts with the story, thus making the game a sequel and not a remake. I love the idea of having a sequel to Final Fantasy VII, but not by sacrificing a true remake of the first videogame that made me cry for story reasons.  

So, Square Enix "has me covered" with Ever Crisis: Remaking not only FFVII, BUT ADDING BEFORE CRISIS, CRISIS CORE, ADVENT CHILDREN, AND DIRGE OF CERBERUS in a single player turn based combat game... for mobile phones... This game should be on consoles as well. Having it mobile only is a mistake.

But the trailer showed some weird shit at the end that worries me... 
The short haired "Sephiroth" worries me, because, I don't want them to Kingdom Hearts the shit out of this and completely change the story as well. 

Is it too hard to ACTUALLY REMAKE FFVII!? Apparently only the modding community cares more about OG FFVII than Square Enix...

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