Jun 10, 2022

Black Adam trailer is out and of course, the Snydercult hates it.

 We know how nice the Cult can be. Well, they're at it again, showing their niceness all over Black Adam and forcing most moderators to work overtime.

They keep bringing rumors, gossip, and hearsay about Zaslav, as if he's going to restore the Cacaverse and bring Zack "El Cacas" Snyder back. They claim that DCEU failed because WB is focusing on D-listers like Harley Quinn, Black Adam, or Peacemaker. They should be focusing on Superman and Batman... (conveniently ignoring that we got a Batman movie a few months ago, and that Ben Affleck doesn't want to work in another Batman related project.) But let's consider this:
How did the MCU start? Spider-Man? X-Men? Fantastic Four? It started woth Iron Man and Hulk, who were C-List characters. Joined by Thor and Captain America, they paved the way with multiple movies (5-ish) to reach The Avengers. They started small, and slowly built up all the way to Thanos. Along the way, they managed to boost some D-list characters, and borrow Marvel's Royalty from SONY. 

DCEU didn't have those issues. They had their complete library INCLUDING THEIR A-LISTERS. Not only that, but they had seen the roadpath to Avengers before even having a single DCEU release. Yet somehow they managed to fumble.
How the hell do you screw up so badly that a movie with Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman doesn't reach the 1 Billion mark!? 

The answer is Zack Snyder. Warner in their desire for a quick cash-grab, used Snyder to make a Superman movie. I've mentioned multiple times that a movie deconstructing Superman should've NEVER BEEN THE FOUNDATION FOR A SHARED UNIVERSE! 

But let's elaborate, shall we?
We got a rookie Superman who hasn't become the beacon of hope from the comics. Raised by a paranoid and cynical Jonathan Kent, Clark murder his father by choosing not to save him from a tornado. Also raised by a Martha Kent who instills a lesson to Clark about Earth owing nothing to him. (Ignoring that Earth took him in when Krypton blew up and he was raised by Earthlings.) Angsty and full of self-doubt, he acts like an alien god looking down on humanity as he chooses who he saves, or who he doesn't. I mean he makes out with Lois atop the destruction of Metropolis with countless corpses beneath their feet.

Dude, you gonna die on your next flick.

We got a Batman who lived most of his adventures off-screen. Joker killed Dick Grayson and this forced Batman into a more violent version of himself that murders the small-fry criminals, but lets the Joker live.

Tries to protect kid who became an orphan, but completely ignores all the Gotham kids HE'S MADE ORPHANS...

Wonder Woman:
Jaded, aloof, not caring about Humankind or the Amazons at Themyscira. Her world literally was being terraformed to something that would kill her Amazon sisters, and she didn't show up. It took Gigli having to blackmail her into getting back into action.

Basically on his first 2 movies Snyder wrote himself into a corner. 

While, yes, WB DID put pressure on Snyder to rush into a Justice League movie, Snyder's universe was flawed from the get-go.

As I mentioned above, Snyder wrote himself into a corner. A Batman who lost everything off-screen, a rookie Superman who dies on his second outing, a Wonder Woman who prefered not act upon World level threats. Snyder's "so-called plan" for 5 Superman movies were mostly NOT About Superman.

Movie 1: Kal-El origins. He was a rookie with no idea what he was doing.
Movie 2: Bad TDKR adaptation where the death of Superman is implemented.
Movie 3: Cyborg movie where elements of the Return of Superman are badly implemented.
Movie 4: Darkseid movie where Superman turns Evil and we get a bad copy of Injustice.
Movie 5: Batman movie where Batman dies and the now good Superman raises a "Damian Wayne-Lane" as the next Batman.

It's hard to build a universe, when the main storyline is a deconstruction of the DC Universe. Then we add studio meddling, from a studio who isn't interested on creating a universe that will deliver profits in the long run and we have a recipe for disaster. They had many chances to correct course, but due to ego issues, not budging on budget and release dates, not having a concrete direction, and lack of respect to the material, stopped the DCEU from standing where it belongs... as an equal rival to the MCU. 

We got a movie with Freaking Starro, but since it wasn't a Hack Snydurr movie, his fans reviewbombed it. We got a trailer for a movie with Atom Smasher, Dr. Fate, and Hawkman, but since it's not Snyder's his fans are bitching about it. Going beyond the Trinity seems blasphemous to the Snydercult... hell, even The Batman was attacked by the Snydercult because it didn't have Affleck (who had already stated that he would never play BATMAN again). The DCEU finally is able to go BEYOND Snyder's ill-fated plan. 

When James Gunn makes Polka-dot Man compelling enough for audiences to feel bad about his death in less than 2 hours, while Snyder can't make people CARE about Superman in 3 movies with nearly 13 hours, something is wrong with Snyder.

Snyder's good for action scenes, but anything involving storytelling, better get someone else. Snyder is the worst copy of Michael Bay. At least Michael Bay knows his movies are crap. Snyder makes crappy movies while he pretends they're arthouse films.

Joss Whedon is a garbage human, but creatively speaking, he was FAR MORE CAPABLE of putting the DCEU in a spot that could equal or surpass the MCU. James Gunn is another director who could've pushed the DCEU to a much better spot. The Bruce Timm and Paul Dini duo, the kings of Comic Book Based Animation, are not only experienced with the DC Universe, but  they are far more capable than Zack Snyder.

WB didn't learn from past mistakes, but I'm hoping that the new bosses are ready to make things right... long term plans, Putting competent folk at the helm (not named Zack Snyder), and most importantly to respect the DC Universe.

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