Oct 2, 2020

Toy odds and ends: TMNT, Havoc Staff prop...

There's a Life Size Havoc Staff that is on preorder right now. It's by Factory Entertainment and it can be yours for $500+ Shipping, IF YOU PREORDER NOW! They are being generous and giving us a $50 discount, from its full price of $550! It's going to be over six feet tall. About 205 cm. It's a Metal Staff, hence the hefty price tag... and banned from most cons, so one reason to get it has been eliminated. It would make for a great conversational piece though.

While it is a nice piece I have to pass on it. Unfortunately I see many collectors passing on it as well due to budgetary reasons. The fact that it cannot be taken to cons and be used as a cosplay prop actually hurt it a lot more than they think.

Ultimates TMNT wave 2 test shots are here.
Man, that Bebop looks Huge.
Here's a comparison between NECA Bebop, Playmates Bebop and Super7 Raphael. S7 Bebop will make both Playmates and NECA Bebop his bitches. Wave 2 is supposed to be shipping in January.

NECA is not going to have any more preorders on their site...
And their release schedule for TMNT has been dropped and this means I'll miss out on Splinter and Krang's Android Body.
Yup... with the Toon stuff being Target Exclusive and they don't ship to Puerto Rico, I'm SOL...

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