Oct 9, 2020

Random Toy Stuff: Scale Matters

 Earlier ToyBiz  Marvel Legends figures had a huge problem with scale. Wolverine was as tall as Iron Man. YOU had Toad that didn't fit with anything else on the line. Eventually they found their groove and started fixing these issues by making a new Wolverine that was in scale with the other characters so on and so forth. While I didn't die deep into the whole dcuc line I'm aware that  Mattel had a few scale issues as well. Even Hasbro has issues with scale. Some people say that it's nitpicking but they're right in a way. It's just that they're horribly wrong in every other way. Heck even Japan who are super anal about scale can get things wrong.

Incredibly enough in their Street Fighter lines, the Storm Collectibles figures ARE CLOSER TO TRUE SCALE than SH Figuarts. Sagat is supposed to be 2 heads taller than Ryu. I know that the size difference can be jarring to some, but size accuracy should be jarring. Hell, Figuarts Mini Sagat is far more Disturbing to me.

Electro is finally here!! Oh, you already knew that from the Gwen Stacy review. Well, here we go: It came from the Toy Chest: Enter Electro... no relation to the crappy Spider-Man 2: Enter Electro game.

Max Dillon suffered a freak accident that made him a master of electricity... or a walking generator. 

Storm's lightning effects rule!


Electro possesses the standard Legends articulation without butterfly torso. I wish he had the butterfly joint for better electric poses.


Paint and sculpt 

My Electro has a bit of a sloppy paintjob but isn't that noticeable. This body is a different one from the previous release. I can't quite locate the source body but it's not the Bucky/Cyclops body. It works.



Extra hands. That's it. I know that the Retro waves have less access race than normal releases but seriously they could have added the lightning effects from Storm and it would have made the figure a bit cooler.



Electro gets a 3.67 as his final score. There isn't much that they could have done to improve this figure. Unless they had used a different torso with butterfly joints or added the storm lightning effects to spice him up a little bit. Don't get me wrong he is a great figure and looks fantastic with the rest of the Sinister Six. He just needed a little bit extra.

Yes, I'm hiding this review in a rant about something else, not because that was a short rant, but Electro is not a leader that deserves his own review... 

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