Oct 20, 2020

Storm Collectibles is becoming the Eastern NECA

 And not in a good way... 
I mean that they are spreading themselves way too thin and relying too much on variants/repaints.
MK3 Scorpion and Sub-Zero... fine... Modern "Klassic" Scorpion and Sub-Zero... Dude, where's Liu Kang, Kitana, Mileena, and Johnny Cage that you teased? SCREW MOTARO!! We haven't received a game's full roster and we're doing more Scorpion and Sub-Zero variants?

Let's take original MK:
Characters in red have not been made:
Liu Kang
Johnny Cage
Shang Tsung
As you can see, we're halfway there.
Don't get me started on SFV, USFII, Tekken, KoF, Golden Axe, Streets of Rage, Injustice, Gatchaman, Darkstalkers, Samurai Showdown, World Heroes...

They are getting far too many licenses and rosters are not even complete. Worse, they are starting to cut corners on accessories.

Demitri lacks the Demon Cradle wings. He even lacks the aura that swirls around him.
I'm not asking for the full vampire mode Demitri, which we should get some time, or for the Midnight Bliss rose and a husk absorbed body.
This worries me because classic iconic moves are being left out. Hell, even E. Honda lacks his iconic Hundred Hand slap.

What will they do with Donovan, Hsienko, Huitzil, Victor, and other characters that have "assistants" like Anita, Cecil, Emily, Mei-Ling, Le Malta... etc?

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