Oct 6, 2020

Live Action Spider-Verse movie is creatively lazy...

I know that in a way it would be a pretty cool premise... but right now it would be Sony ripping off themselves since they already made a spiderverse movie... the animated one where Miles Morales is the protagonist. The reason I call it lazy is because instead of moving the story forward they're just bringing actors from past continuities to reprise their roles and they're going to use the spider verse as the excuse. There is no relationship between Peter Parker and Harry Osborn here, So goblins have nothing to do with Spidey. Kirsten Dunst would be far too old to play Tom Holland's love interest. they should be dealing with the aftermath from Spider-Man far from home. A Multiverse and having multiple spider-men would be a cheap cop-out to remask Peter.

If I was in charge of the Spider-Man movies I would be putting my efforts into continuing the story and setting up the Cinematic spider universe... a "street level" division of the MCU in general.
Morbius and Venom would be eliminated for the sake of proper introductions to the MCU at large.

Symbiote would be a phase 2 item... phase 1 is six... ask in Sinister Six. We already have vulture and Mysterio as key players. With the whole Spider-Man unmasked bounties on Spider-Man can be used to bring Kraven the Hunter. I've also mentioned the links to Wakanda by having Kraven being in need of getting wakandan vibranium to sustain his weaker branch of the heart shaped herb.
With Kraven vulture and Mysterio we have 3 out of 6.
Otto Octavius can easily be added as a pseudo Mentor figure to Peter now that Tony Stark is dead. Since Peter's Stark tech would need maintenance, and not everyone can understand it, a "retired" SHIELD specialist could help. I know that making Octavius a scientist (formerly) working for SHIELD is a huge continuity change, but it allows him to have access to the technology that would turn him into Doctor Octopus without using the Stark is an asshole trope. Octavius wants to have the young Parker on his side for his attack to destroy OSCORP.

 The idea is to set up for the Sinister Six so Spider-Man can have a two-parter movie running a gauntlet against the six. Through this Gauntlet without any help from The Avengers Spider-Man suit rise up triumphant as a hero on his own terms. He has his own lower tech suit. (Variable lenses stay, STARK AI Sys is eliminated.) The idea is to set up Peter to receive the  symbiotes, Mutations (Lizard, Morbius, Man-Spider) and if possible borrow certain toys from Disney for this phase... toys with the letter X... if you know what I mean.

The issue canceling the unmasking is a bit harder. I suggested using the Skrulls so they can double as Peter  while Spider-Man is around. Another way would be introducing the chameleon as a villain who poses as Peter Parker doing crimes to blame Parker.

One visual gag they could pull off is having Spider-Man publicly unmask and reveal he's not Peter Parker. This would Echo that ending to the original Iron Man and would also mock the comic book unmasking from Civil War. Fun fact Tom Holland and Tobey Maguire are the same height.
Introduce Tobey Maguire as Ezekiel Sims. I know it's scary to introduce that totemistic aspect of Spider-Man so early on his journey because pretty much everyone hates that the totemistic aspect but it would lead better into phase 2:
The idea is to keep Spidey at "street level" and he kinda gets swept up on bigger stuff at times (Disney crossovers) Norman would be the "Thanos". My main issue is that I don't trust SONY.67

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