Oct 14, 2020

Am I the only one who isn't feeling the Next Gen hype?

 PS5 and XBSX are coming soon but I'm kind of not feeling the hype. With Spider-Man Miles Morales coming to PS4 I honestly don't see the rush to get a PS5. then there's the whole I don't care about XBox exclusives in order to get a Series X. If I didn't buy an original Xbox for shenmue 2 then Doom won't be enough to make me get a series X.

In fact I'm starting to feel like my gaming days are coming to an end. Aside the occasional Nintendo game, there hasn't been that much that has called my attention. What has is not coming any time soon.

Also the current state of Gaming it's a bit annoying. Buy game wait from 10 minutes to 1 hour for it to install. Wait for that day one patches to download and install. Then maybe after a couple of hours or the day after you'll be able to play the game unless there's an additional patch that needs to be installed into the game in order to play it.

 At least with Nintendo games he just answered the game way too quick install which has less than 10 minutes and you're already playing... unless it's one of those third-party games where the developer bought low storage cartridges and requires you to download 75% of the game before being able to play... LA Noire, I'm looking at ya.

I miss the days where you just simply plug the console pop in the game press start and you were playing. Then there's the whole storage issue with games taking 100 GB for basic install that's not counting all the excessive updates that come afterwards. 7 Games boom your 1 terabyte Drive is  done for.

Don't get me wrong I love the idea that developers can patch bugs after the game is released. What I don't like is that they're releasing incomplete games for full price. In a way games are getting too big for their own good. It also doesn't help that consoles are coming with way too little storage space. Then we have developers pushing for digital only platforms which basically means we rent the game we don't own the copy add requiring a permanent internet connection is a form of DRM which eats The Limited bandwidth most isps have... stupid data caps. Why would I need to be connected online to play a single player game? It's stupid that's what it is. 

 Final Fantasy 7 remake to better blow my mind...

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