Oct 2, 2020

It came from the Toy Chest: Spidey's Aerith... *Language*

Gwen wins!
Flawless Victory!
I know that Aerith should ve Cloud's Gwen Stacy, because Gwen died first. But the other option was Norman fucker and that's not exactly the best title I could use.
So when Stacy bungee jumping victim, Goblin fucker, smart and competent girl who ended up being a damsel in distress... in a parallel universe she has spider powers I'm Peter Parker is, I mean was the lizard there... the thing is that when Stacy is an important character to Spider-Man. She's one of the few people that died because of him I'm Peter Parker often uses her death as a way to punish himself for not doing a great job as Spidey.
The other three are:
Uncle Ben, obviously, Captain George Stacy, who happened to be Gwen's father and Spider-Man indirectly caused his death at the hands of Doctor Octopus, the third person is Captain Jean DeWolff, one of the few policepeople who was an ally of Spidey.

Gwen has normal female figure articulation. Her skirt and coat slightly hinder it. Her long hair makes it slightly difficult to do some dead Gwen poses.

Paint and sculpt
Surprisingly, Gwen has a couple of new parts. I didn't expect a textured turtleneck. On the other hand, the painted boots are disappointing. The biggest surprise is that she got a new sculpted head and I thought they would we use the Spider-Gwen head.
The MJ head is also great.
Goblin: Insert FF7 Aerith death reference.
Spidey: You sick Bastard...
Goblin: I could've done Martha...
Spidey: You sick, sick Bastard!!

-MJ Head
-Trapper Keeper
-Midtown High Yearbook, most likely Peter's, since only He was at Midtown High. Yes I know where it could be Flash Thompson's but we don't have a Flash Thompson figure.
-Rolled Daily Bugle, which will most probably be reused when we get a J. Jonah Jameson figure.
Oh, Norman... What a douche!

I kind of wish we had gotten interchangeable arms. Just for the sake of making MJ different from Gwen, or have more display options for Gwen.
Peter: Ben, did you just Clone a Gwen for our Double Date?
Ben: What? You expected me to come with Spider-Gwen?
Gwen Clone: Wait, I'm a Clone!?
MJ: Welcome to my Bizarre Adventures...
Peter: Was that a JoJo Reference?
Ben: I originally cloned MJ, but that would've been weird.
MJ: You did What!?
Ben: Chillax, MJ... Sorry for Kaine's date...
Peter: Ben, who did you clone for Kaine?
Ben: Captain...
Peter: Oh no...
Kaine  (VO): I hate you so much...

Gwen gets a 4.33 as her final score.  there are very few issues with her and she's actually a fun figure to have around for flashback displays.

Not gonna happen... Until I get the Sinistwr 6 out of storage.

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