Oct 20, 2020

Reviving Darkstalkers

 Capcom seems to have problems with fighting games that are not Street Fighter. Sadly, one of those is Darkstalkers. The demonic step-child of Capcom fighting games is often overlooked by Capcom. Seriously, their best attempts at reviving the franchise have been barely announced ports.

Darkstalkers NEEDS something new to bring the brand back to life, not just simple ports of Darkstalkers, Night Warriors, and Vampire Savior. So, a crazy idea while I was sitting like a King:

How about a side game that covers the ground from the three games... kinda like what Shaolin Monks did with the first two Mortal Kombat games, but with Darkstalkers. Maaaaaayyyyybeeee use other Capcom games as inspiration for this side Story: Let's call it Darkstalkers: Dark Hunters.

By the title alone, you can guess the playable characters.

Donovan, Hsienko, B.B. Hood.
Think about it. All 3 are Dark Hunters. Donovan and Hsienko do it for their own sake. (To try and control the nonster within) BBH does it for money. 

The perfect inspiration is Devil May Cry. 
Now picture a DMC-like game with Darkstalkers characters with enemies based on classic monsters. Low level Vampires, demons, zombies, mummies, etc. Then having to face some of the DS cast in battle.
As an added bonus, the game could have, yet again ports of the 3 arcade games. Heck, maybe the side game's ending could set up Vampire 4:

Sadly, Darkstalkers is nowhere on Capcom's radar right now.

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