Oct 7, 2020

Why do I enjoy Mortal Kombat.

 Mortal Kombat wasn't exactly a favorite of mine. I found the violence for the sake of violence a bit tacky. The game itself was a bit shallow. Aside special moves, all characters behaved exactly the same and they were interchangeable. In that area, A different game was superior. The game was irreverent and immature and it SLOWLY won me over. I have to admit that the story was the first thing that made me interested in the game series. When Mortal Kombat 3 came up and had the characters be different from each other with their unique kombos, that's when I truly became a Mortal Kombat fan. The digitized actors finally grew on me and MK3 Sonya made parts of me grow as well... I know it's a sexist joke but I couldn't resist. 

Then Mortal Kombat started using polygonal models and making crappy side games that's completely turned me off. I still had some love for the first 3 games but everything else I actually didn't give a damn. Then Armageddon was announced that the final Mortal Kombat game which brought me back into the fold. 

 Then came the reboot era. I did enjoy Mortal Kombat 9 and 10 bought I honestly can't get into Mortal Kombat 11. I partially blame Ronda Rousey, who I've never liked as an actor and she's a bit worse as a voice actor. Also Mortal Kombat going politically correct was a huge mistake. This is Mortal Kombat: The game with tacky over the top violence, that advanced the creation of the ESRB. A game who was as irreverent as South Park, has been castrated and turned into a double standard contradiction.

But unlike, say, Street Fighter, I don't have a need to PLAY Mortal Kombat games every once in a while. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the games, but I prefer Street Fighter over MK. In a way, I may be a MK lore fan than a MK fan.  

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