Oct 18, 2020

The 7 inch Masterverse line: could it be the Spiritual successor to 200X?

 Before I start, let me clarify: By spiritual successor to 200X I mean a line where characters have variance in size characters who wear repaints in vintage would not be repaints here. For example: Mossman wouldn't be a repainted Beastman. Beastman could be an 8-9 inch figure in comparison to Mossman's 7 inches. Adam being slimmer than He-Man comes to mind. thanks like these are what I mean by spiritual successor to 200X. At the same time I'd like to have the line compatible with classics. By that I mean that they'd be roughly the same size as Classics figures. That way I can cross-pollinate lines. Oh so Mattel may be able to throw some bones at Classics plans and allow us to complete the line by releasing the remaining New Adventures folks in that line.
Just like DCUC evolved into DC Multiverse.

We already have a pretty sweet Castle Grayskull and someday Snake Mountain will arrive made between Mattel and Super 7. Since 7 inch collector lines rarely get playsets released in retail; making them compatible with MOTUC will make the existing MOTUC stuff more valuable due to cross compatibility. Now Vehicles may get some retail presence and if there are compatible with Classics as well ,collectors are more likely to buy them.

Hopefully, Mattel WILL SHOW SOMETHING SOON... crap baskets, I forgot! Wave one won't be revealed until Silent Bob finally shows something from his Masters of the Universe Cartoon...

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