Oct 8, 2020

Super7 fixed Lynx-O and Playmates is the bad guy... duh!

 A Braille Board was added to Super7's Ultimate Lynx-O. The mistake has been fixed and now Lynx-O is complete!

Now I wonder what they'll do when Waluigi I mean, Bengali comes. Man, I hate Blogger's new format. I've rewritten the whole Bengali is the Waluigi of Thundercats like 5 times before it messes up and deletes the Lynx-O pic. But yeah, Braille Board was added!!

Playmates without TMNT is desperate. Without Star Trek, they are worthless... But, there's no need to fear. Playmates has obtained the Definitive brand to save them from being pathetic:

Billie Eilish!! Yes, the singer whose hit Bad Guy was overplayed like a year or two ago. 


OK, whatever. I get the doll, because female singers get turned into dolls, but the action figure!? Looks like the standard Low articulation, heavily stylized, can't be displayed with anything else other than Playmates lines figure. Why can't she be as articulated as a Marvel Legends figure and in scale with said line? Add a realistic sculpt to it as well? Because right now I predict that Billie will ve the pe-e-e-egwarmer duh!

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