Oct 3, 2020

It came from the Toy Chest: Sagat... yes, another one!!

It's no secret that I love Street Fighter 2. And I've been collecting both figured and storm collectibles in order to get the Street Fighter 2 roster. Finally got a Sagat from sh figuarts. the former King of Muay Thai and one of Shadaloo's Four Kings. Vega, Bison, and Balrog being the other 3. Sagat was the final boss of the original Street Fighter. The famous scar on his chest was given to him by Ryu at the end of the original Street Fighter. Sagat has tried to get a rematch against Ryu in various games.
Tiger Apricot!

 since he is sh figuarts you know the articulation is going to be good. It's not perfect but you can pull up almost every move and pose. To be honest the only post that I'm having trouble with is the one with Sagat touching the scar on his chest.

Paint and sculpt 
The figure has a kick-ass sculpt, but there is a tiny problem. This Sagat figure is too short. We were supposed to be 5'10" and Sagat is supposed to be 7'4". Disfigured is barely taller than Ryu. Everything else it's fine and dandy it's just that he's too short.  He's got an amazing sculpt, incredible paint job but he's just too freaking short.

Figuarts, what are you doing?
2 hands
1 head
1 tigershot
1 stand with variable heights for the tigershot
Tiger Knee!
The decrease on accessories really sucks. I'm not asking for four heads or six hands like storm collectibles, but two hands and a head is making Super7 look like they overstuff their figures.
Seriously they could have tossed in an additional head based on Street Fighter V story mode where is Sagat is wearing a bandana instead of an eyepatch. Or makeup and then add that you could sleep on his head to make him look kind of like his alternate Street Fighter V look.
Don't let me down, Bandai.
We need the Boxer dude...

Sagat gets a 4.33 as his final score and it's a shame. if he was slightly taller and maybe come with an additional accessory or two she would have been a fantastic figure. Right now he's a good figure but he could have been better.
See what I mean?
I hope that Bandai isn't pulling the plug on these... We're halfway through the SSFIIT roster. Or less than half of the Normal SFII roster.
Sagat: Finally! I've  beaten

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