Oct 14, 2020

Among Us: Why I hate people.

 Among Us is an indie game that has become popular quite recently. Basically it's a murder mystery in space. You play as a bean shaped space Man doing some tasks and the chores in your little space colony. But there is one or more imposters among you. The imposters are all about creating chaos and Mayhem...  murder and sabotage are their tools. As a crew mate the order of the game is to survive. The first part of the game is rather easy. As a  crewmate you just complete your tasks.  an imposter you locate a stray crewmate and finish them up without being seen.

The second part of the game can be a pain in the ass. The dead don't speak and they have to see the living crewmates being complete idiots as they try to figure out whodunit. 

 The  game is simple yet addictive. Seeing how people can deceive each other it's actually quite genius. And when you are killed it's incredibly frustrating to see how stupid every crewmate can be. Here's Honest Trailers description of Amomg Us:

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