Apr 16, 2012

It came from the Toy Chest: Only 3 others share this secret

Our friends the Sorceress, Man-at-Arms and Orko... I already own 2 of those... I should have done a Man-At-Arms Review when I got him...
Well, Finally after 50+ Days my February order of Fisto and Sorceress has arrived.
Let's look at what Teela's Mom has brought to the game!
I think it's better if I mention what's NOT new on her...

At least Fisto didn't leave any surprises... I hope!

Biceps (Adora)
Hands (Teela)
Crotch (Possibly BP She-Ra)
Thighs (BG Teela)
Knees (Teela)
Feet (Adora)
Bird (Teela)
Perch and falcon Armor (Screeech)

Everything else on her is new... She Looks Filmation-like so that's good... Now we should move to the detailed review part!

She's got the Fembuck 2.0! Waist Swivel action!! Her Articulation is on Par with Battleground Teela IN THEORY! The Sorceress loses some Articulation due to her wings... Warning! Long-winded Rant ahead!!

All we needed was a pink Vest for Adam and this would have been a nice Filmation Reunion!
Dem Wings!

Great Idea, Horrible execution...
I believe the wings COULD have been made differently... I would have tried something else.
I still stand that Mattel went and used the cheapest solution to the problem.
Attaching her wings to her shoulder Limits her articulation badly! She can't hug Teela or put her arms forward without erecting a super winged "Personal space barrier"... Or she carries around the perfect table to play Duel Monsters!
It's Time to D-d-d-d-d-d-duel!
But then again, I'm the only person who wanted to pose her in some other way that is NOT the Filmation pose...
Check out the huge drums on her shoulders!! They're almost as tall as half of her head!
The wings are supposed to fall as you move the arm up and create her cape effect... It doesn't work that well on mine.
Seriously they ARE HUGE!!
Those big drums not only limit her articulation, but how I display her... Which most likely will be the Filmation pose (not my choice, but imposed by Mattel...) If I wanted a staction I would have bought the 200X Sorceress Staction!!

End Rant...

Like I mentioned she's got the BG Teela articulation but most of the Arm Articulation is blocked by Dem Wings...
She also cannot sit... Due to her wings and hard cape... She can't do one of the 2 things she did in Filmation... Stand with her arms spread open or sit on the throne of Grayskull...

Sitting Down is a bit difficult for MOTUC Figures... Things are made worse when  Mattel adds a hard and completely inflexible cape! I mean Sitting Down is the other thing the Sorceress did, aside calling Adam to do stuff for her!
2.0 due to Dem Wings

Paint and Sculpt:
Horsemen Sculpts are awesome, they captured her Filmation Warmth and the beautiful body of the Sorceress flawlessly... The only flaw was Mattel's design team ruining her shoulders with Dem Wings.
She has no visible sloppy paints aside some minor color bleed on Dem Wings...
3.0 due to issues with Dem Wings... (The drums ruin the sculpt as bad as non-functional dials.)

She's got her Vintage Staff and Zoar the Falcon (with Perch and Armor)
The Staff is OK-Ish, but feels kinda weak, like it's made with inferior plastic or something.
Zoar, well, I'm stripping that bird of its armor and keeping it Naked... Teela-Zoar can have armor, but Teela'Na -Zoar runs nekkid!
Sorceress Read the bios and she's now got some battle Armor to protect herself from King Hssss!

For the Sorceress, I guess I should say that the lower score is due to Dem Wings! Also there's something about her plastic that feels off... by off I mean Cheap!

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