Apr 13, 2012

It came from the Toy Chest: Poing Super Combat!

Battle Fist has arrived! I mean Fisto... he's Fisto once more!! Screw you George Lucas!
He's pretty much the Battle Armor He-Man buck with Vikor's Boots, Tri-Klops' left arm and a new Right Bicep! (Obviously his heads, Armor, FIST, and accessories are new)
So let's get to the ratings part, shall we?
Poing Super Combat!! is like no other man!

Standard MOTUC Articulation here. Nothing to write home about. Yes his right Fist can swivel. His joints are SUPER Tight!
Immature: Yes, but come on! He's got a GIANT FIST! It was either this or a Fisting Joke...
Paint and Sculpt:
The Horsemen outdid themselves here! This Fisto has a LOT of stuff. He has enough pieces to recreate both his vintage look AND 200X look!The only "flaw on the sculpt is that the Armor has a huge gap on his back and the toros is in 2 colors (Top part flesh toned and bottom part silver.) Paintwise there is very little slop. There's a strange thing on his left arm and his 200X head has funky eyes... His sword could have used some more paint and so does his armor...

He has 2 heads and 2 swords, the Tri-Klops repaint and the 200X Sword that seems a bit familiar...
Mandatory FFVII Reference... Spector is Cloud while Fisto is Barret... Adam is Yuffie.
He also has a 200X Belt with a non-removable sack, a flask and a book.
Fisto gives you options: 80s or 200X

For Poing Super Combat! I just love saying his French Canadian name!!
He's a Really cool Figure, don't get me wrong, but I think that the long wait has made me MOTUC weary... Personally I prefer the 200X Look... Mostly because it breaks the monotony of the shared parts... One Evelyn Powers had to say this about Fisto:
Big Fist, Big Sword, Big Belt... Somebody is trying to distract you from his shortcomings!

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